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Casa Sjengarden: Open House (bitte klicken)
04. Februar 2018
L' Alfàs del Pi/Albir

Open House in Gallery Sjengarden.
For the successful exhibition of the artists, who together exhibit in Gallery Sjengarden is an open house organized on 4 February from16.30 hours. While enjoying a snack and a drink you can enjoy the sculptures and paintings, which they like to show you. So are swimming the pink "Fish" by Inge Kat on the large wooden bar, accompanied by the Brown marbled "Fish" by Nina Becker to the bronze "Hare" of Elaine Sydney, they will meet with gaping front legs. Between these sculptures looks the Brown Lady of Ferna Fink in a difficult yoga stand into the hall to the light green "Benidorm Bastards", which is also made by her. They look dreamily to the "Tulip" by Magda Back. Of this same artist looks "Africa" to her "Naked woman" and "Penguin". On the other side of the room looks the alabaster "The Lady" with her bronze ear of Elaine Sydney to the "Lobster" by Ferna Vink, who is attended with the bronze "Heron" and "My Podenco", also made by Elaine, while nearby the stone "horse" of Inge Kat wide opens his mouth. In the niche are some glass sculptures in various colors from the series "Heavenly fruits" of Fredy E. Wubben. In the same place is to see in beautiful blue blown and shaped glass "Ophelia", where also polished bronze has been added. She also shows on one of the tables her glass "Mouth". Inge Kat leaves a beautiful "Bird", flanked by several paintings in bright colors from Magda Back. The naked "Ballerina" in a difficult attitude of Lee Wolters has been sculpted and polished in a great piece almost translucent alabaster. In one of the corners is an abstract open minced sculpture of Nina Becker, while the beautifully polished blue stone constricted by a rope is on the bar. Staring of the walls are the mythological Egyptian paintings in earthy colors of Chris de Droog and the colorful paintings of Magda Back in expectation of your arrival. In the garden you can enjoy the great sculptures by Fredy E. Wubben as "High level talks", two glass heads bearing by dancing legs, as well as the "Sculpture for a bride" made of painted white steel and bronze.

You are welcome on Sunday 4 February from 16.30 hours.
Place: Gallery Sjengarden, Serra Nevada 6, Urb. El Cautivador in Alfaz del Pi. Hours of the exhibition: Thursday to Saturday from 10.30h to 13.30h. Sunday from 14.00h to 18.00h. or by appointment. Tel. 966860522. We give you a very warm welcome in our place.


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